Three Ways to Save Money on Home Remodels


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Home Remodels

For more than 32 years, David Leoce fulfilled positions as a revenue and special agent at the Internal Revenue Service, where he carried out auditing investigations that led to successful prosecutions. In his leisure time, David Leoce likes to work with his hands and enjoys woodworking projects and room remodeling.

Remodels and renovations range widely in scope and complexity, and without a detailed plan, they can quickly become more expensive than anticipated. Homeowners can achieve their property goals and avoid unwanted costs by applying the following strategies.

1. Aim for functionality.

Recent home trends have involved opening up big rooms and creating as much space as possible, which is a costly endeavor. Instead of size, focus on function so that the house not only looks improved but also serves more purposes.

2. Proceed in stages.

Sometimes the necessary approach is a large renovation. In these instances, homeowners can maximize their budget by proceeding in stages, rather than attempting to complete the project all at once. Purchasing certain materials in bulk up front, like floor tile, can help save money throughout each stage, as well.

3. Use existing plumbing

One of the most difficult and expensive things to do in a remodel is modify or move plumbing, whether for a kitchen sink or the bathroom facilities. Wherever possible, plan remodels around existing plumbing.