The AWFS Fresh Wood Competition



Prior to his retirement in 2010, David Leoce worked with the United States Treasury Department as a special agent, a role in which he investigated individuals and businesses involved in high-profile crimes. He received several awards and recognitions for his outstanding work as an agent and held a supervisory role late into his career. Outside of work, David Leoce is passionate about woodworking and grew up around several skilled carpenters and engineers.

Each year the Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) holds a student competition called Fresh Wood. Open to full-time and part-time students in high school and college, this competition celebrates the newest generation of woodworkers and allows these youth to showcase their work in front of thousands of industry leaders and woodworking enthusiasts. The contest is divided into six categories, and the 2017 Best of Show winner took home a handcrafted trophy along with $1,000 in prize money.

The Fresh Wood competition takes place at the annual AWFS fair and is judged by seasoned carpenters and craftsmen. Additional details about the Fresh Wood competition are available at