Highlights of World War II American Naval Warfare

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Naval Warfare
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David Leoce served the United States as part of its Treasury Department for more than 30 years. David Leoce’s father is a veteran who served in World War II as part of the US Navy. This family history of service has given Mr. Leoce a great interest in World War II.

Despite the Allied victory in World War II, the US Navy was not initially prepared for the realities of modern naval warfare, especially in the Atlantic. German U-boats preyed upon American battleships. However, a battle group was quickly improvised to focus exclusively on the destruction of U-boats and improve the quality of American anti-submarine warfare in the Atlantic.

In the Pacific, the Navy played a much greater role. Carrier-based aircraft and the ability to project force against Japanese fighters were essential to victory. Most of the American amphibious landing craft employed in World War II were used against Japanese islands, and more than two dozen new aircraft carriers were built before the war’s end. American submarines also played a critical part, with the US Navy. Among other strategies, a submarine blockade was able to cut-off the Japanese supply chain.