The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center at Glynco, Georgia




A former special agent for the United States Department of the Treasury, David Leoce received specialized training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) in Georgia. As a result of his training, David Leoce was equipped to conduct numerous federal investigations into crimes involving illegal drugs, tax violations, and money laundering.

For the last 46 years, the FLETC has provided career-long training for law enforcement professionals across numerous disciplines. As the largest provider of law enforcement training in the country, it focuses on the unique needs of specific agencies while concurrently conducting training for such things as firearms, driving, tactics, investigations, and legalities that apply to all disciplines. Departments from across the nation participate in training sessions either online or at one of seven different campuses.

The headquarters for the FLETC is located on the Glynco campus, on the northwestern edge of Brunswick, Georgia. The 1,600-acre campus includes classrooms, dormitories, and administration and logistical buildings. For training purposes, students will find 18 firearms ranges, driver training courses, a large physical technique facility, an explosives range, a mock port-of-entry, and a mock neighborhood for practice exercises.

The Glynco campus is located on land formerly occupied by the Glynco Naval Air Station that served as a base for the United States Navy’s fleet of airships. These airships, or blimps, patrolled coastal areas during World War II in search of German submarines.